An Open Letter to My Boyfriend

my love, dont do this. love him back, get him back. he is yours. nothing can be more beautiful than having your love with you. please dont do this. love him. get him. that is love , he loves you with all you are and that is PERFECT. dont !! please dont. your love will bring back life to you . please dont !! it is love that makes our life so beautiful that we love it back. There are no problems and explanations in love. IT IS JUST LOVE. NOTHING other. dear one , if you are really reading this please dont do this to him. he loves you. cant you see ?? you think you are not for him and proper for him, but think of him. do you really love him ??? if yes, then dont do this to him also. get him back, love him, make your life beautiful. everything in this world is about loving and loved back in return. live it and love him.


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