Hope , live and love life and others in it !!!

Hope , live and love life and others in it !!!

Hope , love and live life , believe you are loved always. There always has to be people who will love you always. always !!! Related articles Life !! What is it ??? Loving our siblings !!! ( they are … Continue reading

Loving our siblings !!! ( they are a part of us and our life. always))


Sometimes, it is that we think what if we were all alone in this world for our parents and had no one around to mess around with us, no one that would keep on interrupting when us when we are enjoying our favourite shows, no one to take away our clothes from our wardrobe and no one to always be complaining and pin pointing at our mistakes in front of our parents. This is what many of us always think or have a thought at times after we have had a great fight with our brothers or sisters. As small kids, we all have had these thoughts and even now at times, these come to us.

We if the first kids of our parents always have had the pleasure and importance given until we have our smaller siblings come to join us in our rooms an lives. We at first try to be the caring ones but with time, as they grow up, we notice our attention and importance to be a kind of passing to them. It makes feel unimportant and more neglected. This has been happening to every first child that has had a smalller sibling. At first, it is like feeling worse but what many of us dont understand and sometimes realize is that these small kids that have joined us in our lives and rooms are only to give us joy. yes, at times they are snobby, pushy, and also the whole lot of complaining but they are cared for because of only one reason, they are small, un understanding and needed to be cared for. It is the understanding one that is to take the responsibility of loving and caring for the smaller one. And this done, i am sure love is to be so bound with them, that even when away from each other, would understand and love each other the same always.

Now, there are also some of the things that the smaller kids, that are there feel when they join the elder kids in their rooms. The very first thing that they feel is ‘out of the world’. Yes, suppose if you are sent to a place completely unknown to you, that is the same feeling that would come. These smaller ones feel that the elder kid gets all the responsibilities and caring of the parents, this makes the one trying to get an authority and responsible position in the house. But at times, the elder ones order them or tell them to do things only to keep them safe. they would not realize it at times, but with time as they grow up they would surely realize and love back. SEE, HOW ALL OF US HAVING BEEN THINKING ALL OUR LIFE ???

But at times,

We all just need to speak ourself aloud to our siblings. The elder ones loving and caring for the smaller ones and the smaller ones respecting and loving in return. After certain age, these siblings need to get to be with each other , other than one ordering and other listening. It helps us bond better and stronger. UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER, DONT THINK OF EACH OTHER AS DIFFERENT. Many times, i am sure, you and me , we all have had fights with our siblings but important is not to just keep on fighting, important is to talk and solve, realize WHAT WAS WRONG AND HOW ???

There are many kids who dont have anyone to play with and share their rooms. And believe me, they are not as happy as we think they are. What would have been the life without a kid getting up late at night and we catching them trying to use our things ?? What would be the life without someone to share our room always taking our clothes from the wardrobe and hiding our things just for the fun of it ???

It is this that many of us lose with time and think it is nothing. But dear, it is an important part of our life, why dont we love our brothers and sisters as much as anyone ??? just because they are there fighting with us over small things or ordering us things, we dont want them in our life ?? cmmon that is to be life that all of us need always. That is the love that we all would not have with them not around.

Now dont mess over small things and fights, they are sure to be there always, every time you are with them, but that  doesnot mean you will just leave !!! never. think of small fights and sweet nights you people had with each other, going out, having food, playing around with things, this is love in every small thing and day that you have been with them. dont lose it for your life !!! why lose that same fun and love that you all had together after you have  GROWN UP ??? go , please dont lose any time, you dont have any. Why think of hurting days when you also had sweet times with them ??? are our hurts so important that we dont realize that they would have been also hurt for our part any time???

Living with each other lovingly and with understanding is life. why think of all the wild things in the world when all you need to do is get along ??? It will only make you and them happy (not to tell you about the people around you).



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dear, i know you are strong to live through it always. YOU ARE STRONG. love will find its way to you always and even now as i write , it has its ways to you. i know the pain you have is very deep and sharp but dear dont lose your hope to life, give it some time and above all your hope to love . it would leave a mark but that mark after some time wouldnot be there because always there is someone for you that removes it ALWAYS. keep hope dear, you will live and love through it.

The Story of a Girl

“I’m fine.”

I am not one to lie. I can not tolerate liars, but I will admit that I’ve lied more times than I can count with only two words. “I’m fine.”

Saying “I’m fine.” and forcing a smile onto the mask I wear so often. This is only temporary, however. My mask will one day shatter, and I am scared to death of that day. The day the broken girl shatters and completely falls apart. This infection of thoughts are swelling my mind, on the verge of explosion. The past has this way of twisting the sword already inserted in my heart and mind a little bit more everyday. Everyday it becomes a little more unbearable. I am only waiting for the right moment to withdraw the sword. The only question is, will I bleed to death or be strong enough to stop the bleeding leaving only a scar.

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Loving your parents !!! ( why so important ??? )


hi, lately  i have been having a very worse time with my mother. She has been worrying on my eating and sleeping very much , so much that she had been calling over me every time she could find time after her work done and my father also joined her into it. He called me every hour to check if had food and at night to say good night. my mother she calls me up everyday at 6 in the morning to check if i am not sleeping to check if i am ready for my work. i really could not take up them calling me every time. At last, i told them not to be like that and not to call that i can manage things my own way and myself. i was so angry , i did just almost shouted at them for doing this.

The next day in the morning at 6, i was almost and like always awake but something inside me was different. i was waiting for my mother to call me up to check for me, i waited but no call came. It was 8 but no call. i got worried , changed to fresh clothes and dressed up but no call. The whole day at work, i was thinking  ” what has happened today ??” , when i got back home but had no call from any of them till then. At night i was to sleep but got just  a message “good night”. i thought , it is fine and better so that i can work freely my own way but something disturbed me. i couldnot sleep.

Again the next day, the same thing happened. i could have no sleep and was left worried. i waited till 8 but no call came. i got up and dressed. At work, i couldnot feel happy and something still disturbed me, i didnot know what, but i couldnot be happy. when i was at home at day, the first thing i did was to call my father and ask what was going there. He just said you has asked not to call and we did that. That was better for me to have a talk with him on it but still i didnot know what had worried me and what disturbed me. After that , the other day, i made a mistake by getting a wrong dress for me and it was a size small. i had to get it back to the shop for return and get other one. i had to wait and called my mother. She answered my call and i was almost more than happy to talk to her. But something strange then happened then when i told her of my mistake. On other day, if i had told her of it, she would have scolded and told me i was not careful of things, i forgot things, couldnot do things properly anytime, always did something wrong,   but today, when i told her of my mistake ,all she said was  “yes, it happens”. i couldnot say anything !!. i wasnot expecting that !! i ended the call then after some other talks but i was getting to cry almost.

It was then did i realize, what disturbed me, her love, her worry, her words of scolding me, her sweet anger that showed her love for me, then again i realized my father, he loved me the same. i was missing her love , her worry when she called me at 6 in the morning for me, my father’s “good night”, his worry if  i had food on time. i was missing them and all that i thought was disturbing and irritating me. And i in return , did nothing but shouted back at them for it. WHAT A FOOL WAS I !!! i  called them back and said sorry for what i did and had said but the most that i had never told them, I LOVED THEM ALWAYS AND WOULD ALWAYS.

It was then i came to know my mother had cried the night i had shouted on her. i was very angry on myself for this and asked her and told her she was the one who had every right to shout at me ,scold me , call me and also “disturb me”. i know everyone has this part of life with their parents where they worry and we get irritated and want  to things our ways. But dear please dont forget these are the people who have to and worry for us. They love us more than we can think of. even before we are born , they have loved us , worried for us and now just because we grow up and want things our way , we forget their love and get irritated by their love ??? they will always love us, in all ways for all time of their life, ALWAYS.They worry for us because they want us to be happy. They tell us what to do and what not to also when we are at 18 , 22 ,30 and also at 40 just because THEY ARE OUR PARENTS. Any age , anything doesnot matter for them for us. Also at 40, they are our parents and will worry the same way they had worried when we were 1. We at times dont realize their love and want to have a life our own way but dear , CAN YOU EVER FIND A PERSON IN THIS WHOLE WORLD THAT CAN GIVE YOU THE LOVE THAT THEY HAVE FOR YOU ????

NO ONE CAN. no one. please dont do what i did to them. i love them a lot. we all love them a lot but never tell them. WHY ?? GO AHEAD , TELL THEM  HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM. please do it. Give this happiness to them, just say you love them.Dont wait for father’s day and mother’s day. why wait for a day to tell them how much you love them ???? please do it now. call them and say you love them.we all love them but dont realize it.

Dont allow it to go !!!! please dont. And now for me,i have the same call from my mother at 6 to worry everyday for me, my father’s every time calls to check for my food and for good night. AND ALSO i have the same sweet scolds from my mother the moment she finds i made a mistake and i could give anything in this world to hear them. i love it BECAUSE I LOVE THEM AND CANT THINK OF LIFE WITHOUT THESE SCOLDS FROM MY MOTHER AND A SWEET GOOD NIGHT FROM MY FATHER .


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An Open Letter to My Boyfriend

my love, dont do this. love him back, get him back. he is yours. nothing can be more beautiful than having your love with you. please dont do this. love him. get him. that is love , he loves you with all you are and that is PERFECT. dont !! please dont. your love will bring back life to you . please dont !! it is love that makes our life so beautiful that we love it back. There are no problems and explanations in love. IT IS JUST LOVE. NOTHING other. dear one , if you are really reading this please dont do this to him. he loves you. cant you see ?? you think you are not for him and proper for him, but think of him. do you really love him ??? if yes, then dont do this to him also. get him back, love him, make your life beautiful. everything in this world is about loving and loved back in return. live it and love him.

Shall you enter?

dear, it is always our love and our thoughts that we dont and never realize. It is we who have to believe and love others and our own self first, all will turn beautiful on its own. all will be beautiful and you will be there always… thanks for this great thoughts ido

To Be Aware

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Making mistakes and saying “sorry”…. ( a part of life )

hi, today had been the worst day of this year , i can call it to be. i had a fight with every single possible person i could meet today. actually i was the one to pick the fight and later on realized it was me at fault  and it was me shouting for no reasons at ALL. Just then i realized how it would be the case when  we all get into a fight with each other and  say things not to be said hurting people we don’t want to.

But every incident teaches something of love and importance of them in your life.

Look at the incident that i had today, i had by accident mocked to the death of a person when i shouldn’t had done it. It was almost unexpected and sudden news for me and i didn’t take it seriously that all. It was then that one of our team told me not to say anything if i could not maintain the courtesy of a person’s death ( nothing personal ), i in reply instead of being sorry and just saying it , argued back in defence. This could not let my mind rest in peace  till i realized all that i could have done was SAY “SORRY”. It was me who was wrong though by mistake but a small sorry wouldn’t have cost me anything. Instead i chose to be an idiot and argue back without reasoning… And now like a fool i think of the moment when i could have said sorry and accepted my mistake.   “But  i cant !!!”

IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK ?? Now that is quite a kind of joke ,  b’coz even if now  after i have realized if i dont apologize i would be the one to be a greater fool than i was then by arguing back .

See this happens when we dont accept ourselves at times. This might have been the case with you not once but many times, when you are told you are wrong. I don’t say every time you are wrong, but please define and reason with yourself first why could the other person be telling you something, it might only be for you and your good at times. Not always, but yes at times like this, when you know you are wrong GO AHEAD, SAY SORRY, ACCEPT IT.  Scared you will lose respect and love from those people ???   No, don’t be. Instead you will be respected for your self and also be loved and c’mmon what kind of love is it if can’t accept you with your some faults, NO ONE IS PERFECT . And when you love someone with his/her faults , your love gets perfect.  LOVE  IS ALWAYS PERFECT.And love makes everyone perfect along with it.” EVERYONE !!!”

So dear, go ahead and apologize for any such stupid mistakes between you all and resolve them, in case of problems discuss together and get along .There is NO LIFE without them, it be friends , parents, your siblings, your love or anyone, saying sorry ans accepting your mistakes always makes a relationship stronger. ALWAYS.

As  for me, i guess the first thing i would do when i see him next is say  “Sorry” and apologize. That resolves everything of the problem .  SO THEN  this is for today . would get back to you in the next post with other love , other scape and other beauty of the life ………………………..

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Life !! What is it ???

hi readers, this is my very first  post on life and you. i hope you all enjoy reading my post and see life as you may have never seen and felt it before.

This being my first post, lets have a read on what actually life is and what perspective do we look it from ….

We always wonder what life has to offer to us. It has always fascinated us what it has in store for us and we always keep on hovering for these unreachable and unknown answers. always trying and finding all possible ways to see and find anything beautiful and surprises that are coming for us from it. But dear , how can you expect to be surprised with your gifts of life when you already know what is to come ???   Some people go for tarots, horoscope reading and zodiac signs and all possible astrological predictions that can get you nearer to the proximity of their lives. just one question to all people who always try these things out , WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE FOR YOU ?? There are many answers , but the most searched one is LOVE. Isn’t it ??? Love is the most searched and wanted thing in the world. Everyone wants to feel special, be special and important in everyone’s life, wants to be loved and cared for. and as and when they find love in life of others blooming, they start wondering when it will enter their lives and surprise them and fill their lives with similar happiness and love. Their longing seems to be unending and painful. this time of theirs if without patience leads them to make any choices that would make people love them. But a question for these people who are waiting for love to fill their lives, DO YOU REALLY FEEL YOU DONT HAVE LOVE IN YOUR LIFE ???. Wake up, open your  eyes and see, love is there in your life. It always was and has been there even before you realized what love is and developed to its understanding.  i say this  , i have known it and realized it in the same way

you always complain.  god,he didnot give you love that you are waiting for , but dear look around and see , feel it. you will know it is with you. see for your parents, see for your siblings, your brothers teasing, your sisters interrupting and irritating you, taking your things, your friends when they shout at you , an unknown stranger when she does good to you even without bothering to think who you are to her.  These and many more, you would find love in. when your mother cooks food for you even after she has work to be done and tired, your father when he works all day and on weekends gets you chocolates to eat and kisses you goodnight in your bed after you are asleep after he returns home from work at night. see , understand, realize and love back to it. you will find love in your life so much that you would wonder why didnot you realize it earlier. these things are not big but they are also that small. think of a day when they wont be there, you mother not to tell you what is right and what is not, your father not to keep check on you when you arrive at home after late night parties, your sister not to sleep in your bed at your place and kick you out of your bed when you wont wake up. these things make up life more loving and worth living.

This is life !! yes, when you see all this , feel this all , you feel life, you love life and find it worth living.

One other truth that our life holds is that it is not only important for us to be loved but it is also important to love back and care for in return. Love is not hugs and kisses and chocolates and gifts, you could love anyone in return like giving away some of your clothes to your sister who has been wanting them, helping your brother with his homework, doing some of the work that your mother doees or putting in some good habits that would put her to ease at work. you could take care of your father’s car , take interest in what he has to say and listen to him, joke with him. just help a old lady when she has to carry her shopping bags and many more you know, have a nice conversation with a friend that feels low and help him smile. i am sure, when you see and feel their happiness, your inside would light up itself, radiating love, calmness that you have never thought it had in it. you will feel free and above all loving and happy. you may feel ” what ?? is she mad , could this ever happen ??” but the answer is “YES”.

why not try it, just for a day. there is no harm, it wont hurt you. you will not be doing a great changing task, you will only be  doing some minor but important tasks for your loved ones.

Come on , life is not about getting loved , it is about loving others and caring for them, it makes us worth living and i am sure you will be loved back in all ways. just love in a way and get back loved in 1000 ways. the deal is not so bad after all !!! what say ???

And lastly, for your love of life, it will come along with its way and you would not even know when. One day you would soon realize this beautiful truth that it is here with you , always near you. And you will see so beautiful your life is !!!

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