dear, i know you are strong to live through it always. YOU ARE STRONG. love will find its way to you always and even now as i write , it has its ways to you. i know the pain you have is very deep and sharp but dear dont lose your hope to life, give it some time and above all your hope to love . it would leave a mark but that mark after some time wouldnot be there because always there is someone for you that removes it ALWAYS. keep hope dear, you will live and love through it.

The Story of a Girl

“I’m fine.”

I am not one to lie. I can not tolerate liars, but I will admit that I’ve lied more times than I can count with only two words. “I’m fine.”

Saying “I’m fine.” and forcing a smile onto the mask I wear so often. This is only temporary, however. My mask will one day shatter, and I am scared to death of that day. The day the broken girl shatters and completely falls apart. This infection of thoughts are swelling my mind, on the verge of explosion. The past has this way of twisting the sword already inserted in my heart and mind a little bit more everyday. Everyday it becomes a little more unbearable. I am only waiting for the right moment to withdraw the sword. The only question is, will I bleed to death or be strong enough to stop the bleeding leaving only a scar.

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