life and happy !!! ( everything will be beautiful )

So, love life and be happy with every happy things in life. everything will be beautiful .


and always


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Loving our siblings !!! ( they are a part of us and our life. always))


Sometimes, it is that we think what if we were all alone in this world for our parents and had no one around to mess around with us, no one that would keep on interrupting when us when we are enjoying our favourite shows, no one to take away our clothes from our wardrobe and no one to always be complaining and pin pointing at our mistakes in front of our parents. This is what many of us always think or have a thought at times after we have had a great fight with our brothers or sisters. As small kids, we all have had these thoughts and even now at times, these come to us.

We if the first kids of our parents always have had the pleasure and importance given until we have our smaller siblings come to join us in our rooms an lives. We at first try to be the caring ones but with time, as they grow up, we notice our attention and importance to be a kind of passing to them. It makes feel unimportant and more neglected. This has been happening to every first child that has had a smalller sibling. At first, it is like feeling worse but what many of us dont understand and sometimes realize is that these small kids that have joined us in our lives and rooms are only to give us joy. yes, at times they are snobby, pushy, and also the whole lot of complaining but they are cared for because of only one reason, they are small, un understanding and needed to be cared for. It is the understanding one that is to take the responsibility of loving and caring for the smaller one. And this done, i am sure love is to be so bound with them, that even when away from each other, would understand and love each other the same always.

Now, there are also some of the things that the smaller kids, that are there feel when they join the elder kids in their rooms. The very first thing that they feel is ‘out of the world’. Yes, suppose if you are sent to a place completely unknown to you, that is the same feeling that would come. These smaller ones feel that the elder kid gets all the responsibilities and caring of the parents, this makes the one trying to get an authority and responsible position in the house. But at times, the elder ones order them or tell them to do things only to keep them safe. they would not realize it at times, but with time as they grow up they would surely realize and love back. SEE, HOW ALL OF US HAVING BEEN THINKING ALL OUR LIFE ???

But at times,

We all just need to speak ourself aloud to our siblings. The elder ones loving and caring for the smaller ones and the smaller ones respecting and loving in return. After certain age, these siblings need to get to be with each other , other than one ordering and other listening. It helps us bond better and stronger. UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER, DONT THINK OF EACH OTHER AS DIFFERENT. Many times, i am sure, you and me , we all have had fights with our siblings but important is not to just keep on fighting, important is to talk and solve, realize WHAT WAS WRONG AND HOW ???

There are many kids who dont have anyone to play with and share their rooms. And believe me, they are not as happy as we think they are. What would have been the life without a kid getting up late at night and we catching them trying to use our things ?? What would be the life without someone to share our room always taking our clothes from the wardrobe and hiding our things just for the fun of it ???

It is this that many of us lose with time and think it is nothing. But dear, it is an important part of our life, why dont we love our brothers and sisters as much as anyone ??? just because they are there fighting with us over small things or ordering us things, we dont want them in our life ?? cmmon that is to be life that all of us need always. That is the love that we all would not have with them not around.

Now dont mess over small things and fights, they are sure to be there always, every time you are with them, but that  doesnot mean you will just leave !!! never. think of small fights and sweet nights you people had with each other, going out, having food, playing around with things, this is love in every small thing and day that you have been with them. dont lose it for your life !!! why lose that same fun and love that you all had together after you have  GROWN UP ??? go , please dont lose any time, you dont have any. Why think of hurting days when you also had sweet times with them ??? are our hurts so important that we dont realize that they would have been also hurt for our part any time???

Living with each other lovingly and with understanding is life. why think of all the wild things in the world when all you need to do is get along ??? It will only make you and them happy (not to tell you about the people around you).



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