Hope , live and love life and others in it !!!

Hope , live and love life and others in it !!!

Hope , love and live life , believe you are loved always. There always has to be people who will love you always. always !!! Related articles Life !! What is it ??? Loving our siblings !!! ( they are … Continue reading

Making mistakes and saying “sorry”…. ( a part of life )

hi, today had been the worst day of this year , i can call it to be. i had a fight with every single possible person i could meet today. actually i was the one to pick the fight and later on realized it was me at fault  and it was me shouting for no reasons at ALL. Just then i realized how it would be the case when  we all get into a fight with each other and  say things not to be said hurting people we don’t want to.

But every incident teaches something of love and importance of them in your life.

Look at the incident that i had today, i had by accident mocked to the death of a person when i shouldn’t had done it. It was almost unexpected and sudden news for me and i didn’t take it seriously that all. It was then that one of our team told me not to say anything if i could not maintain the courtesy of a person’s death ( nothing personal ), i in reply instead of being sorry and just saying it , argued back in defence. This could not let my mind rest in peace  till i realized all that i could have done was SAY “SORRY”. It was me who was wrong though by mistake but a small sorry wouldn’t have cost me anything. Instead i chose to be an idiot and argue back without reasoning… And now like a fool i think of the moment when i could have said sorry and accepted my mistake.   “But  i cant !!!”

IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK ?? Now that is quite a kind of joke ,  b’coz even if now  after i have realized if i dont apologize i would be the one to be a greater fool than i was then by arguing back .

See this happens when we dont accept ourselves at times. This might have been the case with you not once but many times, when you are told you are wrong. I don’t say every time you are wrong, but please define and reason with yourself first why could the other person be telling you something, it might only be for you and your good at times. Not always, but yes at times like this, when you know you are wrong GO AHEAD, SAY SORRY, ACCEPT IT.  Scared you will lose respect and love from those people ???   No, don’t be. Instead you will be respected for your self and also be loved and c’mmon what kind of love is it if can’t accept you with your some faults, NO ONE IS PERFECT . And when you love someone with his/her faults , your love gets perfect.  LOVE  IS ALWAYS PERFECT.And love makes everyone perfect along with it.” EVERYONE !!!”

So dear, go ahead and apologize for any such stupid mistakes between you all and resolve them, in case of problems discuss together and get along .There is NO LIFE without them, it be friends , parents, your siblings, your love or anyone, saying sorry ans accepting your mistakes always makes a relationship stronger. ALWAYS.

As  for me, i guess the first thing i would do when i see him next is say  “Sorry” and apologize. That resolves everything of the problem .  SO THEN  this is for today . would get back to you in the next post with other love , other scape and other beauty of the life ………………………..

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