Life !! What is it ???

hi readers, this is my very first  post on life and you. i hope you all enjoy reading my post and see life as you may have never seen and felt it before.

This being my first post, lets have a read on what actually life is and what perspective do we look it from ….

We always wonder what life has to offer to us. It has always fascinated us what it has in store for us and we always keep on hovering for these unreachable and unknown answers. always trying and finding all possible ways to see and find anything beautiful and surprises that are coming for us from it. But dear , how can you expect to be surprised with your gifts of life when you already know what is to come ???   Some people go for tarots, horoscope reading and zodiac signs and all possible astrological predictions that can get you nearer to the proximity of their lives. just one question to all people who always try these things out , WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE FOR YOU ?? There are many answers , but the most searched one is LOVE. Isn’t it ??? Love is the most searched and wanted thing in the world. Everyone wants to feel special, be special and important in everyone’s life, wants to be loved and cared for. and as and when they find love in life of others blooming, they start wondering when it will enter their lives and surprise them and fill their lives with similar happiness and love. Their longing seems to be unending and painful. this time of theirs if without patience leads them to make any choices that would make people love them. But a question for these people who are waiting for love to fill their lives, DO YOU REALLY FEEL YOU DONT HAVE LOVE IN YOUR LIFE ???. Wake up, open your  eyes and see, love is there in your life. It always was and has been there even before you realized what love is and developed to its understanding.  i say this  , i have known it and realized it in the same way

you always complain.  god,he didnot give you love that you are waiting for , but dear look around and see , feel it. you will know it is with you. see for your parents, see for your siblings, your brothers teasing, your sisters interrupting and irritating you, taking your things, your friends when they shout at you , an unknown stranger when she does good to you even without bothering to think who you are to her.  These and many more, you would find love in. when your mother cooks food for you even after she has work to be done and tired, your father when he works all day and on weekends gets you chocolates to eat and kisses you goodnight in your bed after you are asleep after he returns home from work at night. see , understand, realize and love back to it. you will find love in your life so much that you would wonder why didnot you realize it earlier. these things are not big but they are also that small. think of a day when they wont be there, you mother not to tell you what is right and what is not, your father not to keep check on you when you arrive at home after late night parties, your sister not to sleep in your bed at your place and kick you out of your bed when you wont wake up. these things make up life more loving and worth living.

This is life !! yes, when you see all this , feel this all , you feel life, you love life and find it worth living.

One other truth that our life holds is that it is not only important for us to be loved but it is also important to love back and care for in return. Love is not hugs and kisses and chocolates and gifts, you could love anyone in return like giving away some of your clothes to your sister who has been wanting them, helping your brother with his homework, doing some of the work that your mother doees or putting in some good habits that would put her to ease at work. you could take care of your father’s car , take interest in what he has to say and listen to him, joke with him. just help a old lady when she has to carry her shopping bags and many more you know, have a nice conversation with a friend that feels low and help him smile. i am sure, when you see and feel their happiness, your inside would light up itself, radiating love, calmness that you have never thought it had in it. you will feel free and above all loving and happy. you may feel ” what ?? is she mad , could this ever happen ??” but the answer is “YES”.

why not try it, just for a day. there is no harm, it wont hurt you. you will not be doing a great changing task, you will only be  doing some minor but important tasks for your loved ones.

Come on , life is not about getting loved , it is about loving others and caring for them, it makes us worth living and i am sure you will be loved back in all ways. just love in a way and get back loved in 1000 ways. the deal is not so bad after all !!! what say ???

And lastly, for your love of life, it will come along with its way and you would not even know when. One day you would soon realize this beautiful truth that it is here with you , always near you. And you will see so beautiful your life is !!!

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